JavaScript Terrain Generator

Project — 2019-03-08


A class-based tool that allows users to generate terrain with a variety of flexibility. Github / Demo The Terrain Generation Terrain generation is based around a few key components, randomization, variation and interpolation. Upon creation, the grid is split into chunks, each that have matching corners with the chunks surrounding it. New corners are created based of the variation factor, this makes it so changes in elevation can be varied. For example, if one chunk has the top left corner a value of 1, the three other corners, with a variation factor of 1, can be either 0, 1 or 2.

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MTG Deckbuilder

Project — 2019-03-07


A simple and beautiful solution to building decks for Magic: the Gathering. Made using JavaScript and UIKit. Github Creating a Deck Cards can be searched for using the search bar on the top header. The application queries as you type, giving recommended results to what you currently have entered. Once the card is found, it can be added to the deck to the deck by selecting the “plus” button on the same header, this can be pressed multiple times to add multiple copies of the card.

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